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A new study on the dangers of sun exposure underscores the fact that sunscreen isn't sufficient to provide complete UV protection.  Read More
For a long time, the UV Index was a fairly abstract concept to me, falling in the category of meteorological terms I don’t really concern myself with, along with things like “dew point” and “barometric pressure.” The PARASUN UV Index Alert system seeks to clarify the numbers. Read More
During my years carrying a hand-held umbrella for sun protection, I've been acutely aware that I am generally one of only a handful of women in any given crowd who choose this particular form of sun protection. Now I know why. Read More


March 16, 2015

I had thought that an overcast day meant I could skimp on the sunscreen, and leave my sunglasses at home. I assumed clouds were blocking enough UV radiation to keep me safe, like nature's PARASUN! Turns out I was wrong.  Read More
We just finalized the color selection for the debut Revelation Collection PARASUNs. Check them out now, and order your fave! Read More